Optimizing Facility Management

Most AD’s / Coaches struggle to keep track of their school facilities. They use a spreadsheet to track facility reservations, but it gets out-dated. This causes a lot of problems, like athletes showing up to find that the field they were supposed to use was already taken, Coach scheduling practice sessions only to find out that the court is already taken after reaching the venue etc.
Vhizle can help schools optimize their facilities management.
Vhizle can help you:
· List all of your school’s available facilities in one place.
· Track the status of each facility (reserved, checked in, closed, or cancelled).
· Book facilities easily and securely.
Vhizle Platform (Web &Mobile) is free for AD Department internal use across Schools, Colleges or Universities. AD’s, Department Staff, Coaches, Asst Coaches, Athletes, Teams, and Facility or Operations Staff can use Vhizle for free.

The Importance of an “All-In” Communication Tool for Athletic Departments

Every Athletic Director knows how important, effective communication is to the success of athletic programs. In today’s digital age, communication tools have become an essential part of our daily lives, and athletic departments are no exception.
An “all-in” communication tool is a single platform that allows AD’s to communicate with all stakeholders, including students, coaches, teams, facilities and other athletic staff. This tool should be accessible, user-friendly, and able to send messages, emails, and notifications to all members of the athletic department.
Here are some of the benefits of using an “all-in” communication tool for athletic departments:
Streamlined communication: Reduces the need for multiple platforms and apps, avoiding confusion and ensuring that important messages are not missed.
·        Time-saving: Send messages, emails, and notifications to all stakeholders simultaneously, avoiding the tedium of sending separate messages to individual groups or teams.
·        Increased engagement: Build a sense of community and foster a positive environment for athletic programs by using a single platform for all communication.
·        Improved collaboration: Promote collaboration among coaches, teachers, and other athletic staff by sharing information, resources, and ideas more effectively.
·        Enhanced safety and security: Send emergency notifications quickly and efficiently in the event of inclement weather or school closures, ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff.
Vhizle streamlines communication, saves time, increases engagement, promotes collaboration, enhances safety and security, helps with organization, and is absolutely FREE!! Visit https://vhizle.com/ for more details. Vhizle can also be used for Sports Clubs, League Organizers, Sports Associations etc.

The Ins and Outs of Student-Athlete Surveys .

As an athletic director, listening to your students is key. Taking the time to survey student-athletes and gain their insights can lead to meaningful improvements in programs and the overall student-athlete experience.
Well-designed polls or surveys allow athletic departments to go beyond “vanity metrics” that make things look good on the surface but fail to provide actionable data. Surveys can uncover issues facing particular groups like freshmen vs. seniors or minority vs. majority student-athletes. Identifying these issues is the first step to addressing them.
Polls or Surveys can gauge opinions on facilities, coaching, broad social issues, and more. Be focused in the questions asked to glean data that falls under the athletic department’s purview. While issues like class schedules matter to students, the athletic department may have little power to influence them.
Supplement surveys with open forums where student-athletes can voice anything on their minds. This shows the department values their thoughts and builds trust. At the University of Maryland, their AD holds regular open discussions unrelated to sports so students feel heard.
Student surveys are no panacea, but paired with metrics on academic and athletic performance, they provide a more holistic view. College athletic directors have a responsibility not just to win games but to mentor and support the wellbeing of their students. Polls or Surveys shed light on the day-to-day experience and help departments better deliver on this responsibility.
 Vhizle’s Polls & Surveys feature for athletic departments make gathering student feedback simple. Take the guesswork out of the student experience. Poll them directly through the Vhizle app.
The voice of student-athletes grows stronger each year. Hear them by making surveys and polls a regular part of your process. Let their insights guide your department to better serve both students and the community.
Vhizle is free for use to Athletic Departments (Staff, Coaches, Athletes, Teams etc ) of Schools, Colleges and Universities.

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